Ultra-High Temperature Micro-MDM


Cannon’s Ultra-High Temp Micro-MDM F300 Series offers exceptional reliability and performance in a lightweight, space-saving design. It is qualification tested to withstand 230ºC continuous operating temperature for 500 hours and meets the harsh requirements of the Oil and Gas exploration industries, which exceed those of the M83513 specification. It is designated by an F300 modification code and uses high performance Micro Twist Pin Contacts, special insulating materials and high temperature wire. It is ideally suited for a wide range of harsh environment application including Oil & Gas Exploration, Aerospace & Defense, Industrial and Transportation.


  • Designed in accordance with MIL-DTL-83513
  • Withstands 230º Celsius continuous operating temperature for 500 hours
  • Stainless steel shells (passivation only)
  • High temp Liquid Crystal Polymer insulator material
  • Nickel plated copper wire PTFE jacket per M22759/87
  • Designed for critical cable-to-cable applications
  • High reliability Micro Twist Pin & Socket contacts

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High Temp Micro MDM Brochure

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Ultra-High Temp Micro-MDM Sell Sheet

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MIL-DTL 83513 Microminature Connector Sell Sheet

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Product Specification


Sealing N/A
Operation Temperature -55º C to 230º C


Shape Rectangular
Shell Style Stainless Steel Shells (Passivation Only)
Durability 500 mating cycles

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