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Rectangular Metal Connectors


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TDPX Filtered ARINC 404 Rack & Panel

Filtered Rack and Panel connectors for noise filtering, EMI, and EMP applications.


ARINC 600 Rack & Panel Filter Connector TBKAD

Today’s commercial aerospace avionics manufacturers are placing more and more emphasis on the need to protect critical electronic systems...


BKA C/D/E/F/X ARINC 600 Rack & Panel

Cannon's BKA ARINC 600 Rack & Panel Interconnect Solutions represent the standard for new Avionics  systems developed to support the...


DL Series - Zero Insertion Force Connectors

The Cannon DL Series of Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) connectors fill the need in the medical commercial/industrial, computer and...


DLM Series - Zero Insertion Force Connectors

The Cannon DLM Series of Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) connectors fill the need in the medical commercial/industrial, computer and...


DLP Series - Zero Insertion Force Connectors

Cannon has developed a ‘Resilient Contact’ that provides reliable performance with contact wiping action directly on a PCB pad. A high...


DPA Rack & Panel

DPA connectors are rugged, blind mate, miniature rack/panel connectors that utilize maximum insert space in a single gang shell...



DPGM, DPJM, and DPJMB connectors are designed for applications where space and weight are prime considerations.Their rectangular shape...


DPK 83733-Style Rack & Panel

DPK series are high performance environment-resistant, rectangular connectors engineered to be comparable with MIL-C-83733 (USAF).They...


DPX ARINC 404 Rack & Panel

The DPX connector comes in single, two, three and four gang versions and can accommodate up to 424 contacts. The DPX*MA connector...


DPXNE-NA MIL-C-81659 Rack & Panel

DPXNA (non-environmental, Type IV) and DPXNE (environmental, Types II and III) rack and panel connectors are designed to meet or exceed...


PHD SuperLC Fiber Optic

Cannon's PHD SuperLC Fiber Optic is a harsh environment, small form-factor connector system. It provides a higher thermal environment and...


PHD Panel Mount Fiber Optic

Cannon's PHD Panel Mount is a high density rectangular interconnect solution that incorporates a low profile design with a discrete keyed...


QLC - Miniature Zero Insertion Force

ITT expands its DL Family of Connectors with the Miniature QLC device to meet size, reliability, and mating requirements for Portable...


QLC with Solderless Plug - Miniature Zero Insertion Force

The QLC solderless plug is a groundbreaking 260 pin Zero Insertion Force connector that eliminates the need for hand soldering fine...