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TDPX Filtered ARINC 404 Rack & Panel

Filtered Rack and Panel connectors for noise filtering, EMI, and EMP applications.


ARINC 600 Rack & Panel Filter Connector TBKAD

Today’s commercial aerospace avionics manufacturers are placing more and more emphasis on the need to protect critical electronic systems...


Chip-on-Flex Filter Connectors

Cannon has advanced the state-of-the-art in filter technology with its Chip-on-Flex (CoF) design. This connector technology provides a...


D*H/DITBH Hermetic D-Subminiature

The D*H/DITBH Hermetic is a sealed D-Subminiature Connector that is ideal for pressurized bulkhead applications, with glass sealing for...


KJ / D38999-Style Series II

Weight-reduced and low profile circular connector ideally suited for avionic applications where space and weight are prime considerations...


KJA / KJB / D38999-Style Series III

Our KJA/KJB D38999-Style Series III interconnects are designed for use in harsh military and aerospace environments. They feature high...


KPT /MIL-DTL-26482 Series I

Cannon's KPT miniature circular connector series is designed per MIL-DTL-26482 standards. It has a positive three-point bayonet coupling,...


MDMH Hermetic Micro-D

Our MDMH Microminiature Connectors are ideal for applications that require more robust sealing than can be achieved with epoxy resins...


MKJ0 UN Thread Coupling

Part of our innovative family of MKJ Miniature Circular Connectors, the MKJ0 UN Thread is a lightweight, high density solution that...


MKJ1 Double Start Coupling

Cannon’s MKJ1 Double Start offers threaded coupling features and high density size 23 machined contacts for crimp and PCB. Part of the...


MKJ3 Bayonet Coupling

At half the size and weight of traditional military standard connectors, MKJ3 Bayonet features threaded coupling with high density size...


MKJ4 Breakaway (Quick Disconnect) Coupling

Part of the MKJ family of miniature circular connectors, ITT Cannon’s MKJ4 Breakaway features a canted retention spring disconnect...


MKJ5 Triple Start Ratchet Coupling

ITT Cannon’s innovative MKJ5 features threaded coupling with high density size 23 machined contacts for crimp and PCB. Its unique triple...


TMDM Filtered Micro-D

Our TMDM Filterted Microminiature Connectors feature transverse monolith filters for noise reduction and EMI, RFI and EMP shielding...


TPV Filtered 24682-Style Series II

Filtered 26482-Style connectors for niose filtering, EMI, and EMP applications.