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Fiber Optic Solutions


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ARC 38999-Style with ARINC 801-Compatible Inserts

ITT Cannon’s ARINC 801-Compatible Fiber Optic Series is an end-to-end solution featuring Connectors, Termini and Cable Harnesses that...


BKA C/D/E/F/X ARINC 600 Rack & Panel

Cannon's BKA ARINC 600 Rack & Panel Interconnect Solutions represent the standard for new Avionics  systems developed to support the...


Connector Saver for Tight Tolerance 38999 Series III Fiber Optic Connectors - SVR

Extend the service life of connectors, contacts and cable harnesses that are subject to extreme use and repetitive mating and de-mating...


DPA Rack & Panel

DPA connectors are rugged, blind mate, miniature rack/panel connectors that utilize maximum insert space in a single gang shell...



DPGM, DPJM, and DPJMB connectors are designed for applications where space and weight are prime considerations.Their rectangular shape...


DPK 83733-Style Rack & Panel

DPK series are high performance environment-resistant, rectangular connectors engineered to be comparable with MIL-C-83733 (USAF).They...


DPX ARINC 404 Rack & Panel

The DPX connector comes in single, two, three and four gang versions and can accommodate up to 424 contacts. The DPX*MA connector...


DPXNE-NA MIL-C-81659 Rack & Panel

DPXNA (non-environmental, Type IV) and DPXNE (environmental, Types II and III) rack and panel connectors are designed to meet or exceed...


Fiber Optic Termini

ITT Cannon delivers high quality, high performance fiber optic termini and cable assemblies, for the Automotive, Commercial Aircraft...


FOHC Fiber Optic

ITT fiber optic contacts are a standard in the industry. We offer the most complete line of fiber optic contacts, engineered to fit today...


FOMC Fiber Optics

Hermaphroditic design means plugs will mate with an identical plug as well as receptacles. The removable insert assures correcting mating...


KJ / D38999-Style Series II

Weight-reduced and low profile circular connector ideally suited for avionic applications where space and weight are prime considerations...


KJA / KJB / D38999-Style Series III

Our KJA/KJB D38999-Style Series III interconnects are designed for use in harsh military and aerospace environments. They feature high...


NGCON Fiber Optic

Fiber optic cable assemblies qualified to Navy requirements for shipboard and Airborne applications.


PHD 38999-Style Fiber Optic Connector

Designed to be comparable with MIL-DTL-38999 envelope dimensions including standard polarization, backshell threads and panel cut-out...