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Combination D-Subminiature (Combo-D)

The Combo-D Connector is designed for applications that require optimization of space while improving overall shielding. It offers the...


Combo-D with HEP Contacts

The Combo-D with High Efficiency Power (HEP) Contacts features canted coil spring technology that increases electrical current carrying...


D*/D*M PCB & Solder D-Subminiature

The D* / D*M PCB & Solder is a Standard Density D-Subminiature Connector used for a wide range of applications in Aerospace & Defense...


D*H/DITBH Hermetic D-Subminiature

The D*H/DITBH Hermetic is a sealed D-Subminiature Connector that is ideal for pressurized bulkhead applications, with glass sealing for...


D*MA D-Subminiature

The D*MA Hi-Rel D-Sub is engineered to perform in the harshest environments. Designed to transmit data, power & signal in a range of...


DL Series - Zero Insertion Force Connectors

The Cannon DL Series of Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) connectors fill the need in the medical commercial/industrial, computer and...


DLM Series - Zero Insertion Force Connectors

The Cannon DLM Series of Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) connectors fill the need in the medical commercial/industrial, computer and...


DLP Series - Zero Insertion Force Connectors

Cannon has developed a ‘Resilient Contact’ that provides reliable performance with contact wiping action directly on a PCB pad. A high...


Fiber Optic Termini

ITT Cannon delivers high quality, high performance fiber optic termini and cable assemblies, for the Automotive, Commercial Aircraft...


MDM C/P Mixed Signal Micro

Cannon offers three options of our MCP Coaxial/Power Mixed Signal Microminiature Connector:MDM Coaxial: The MDM Metal Shell Connectors...


Micro Plastic Connectors with Jack Screw Coupling - MJS Series

The MJS jackscrew series provides a reliable interconnect for board-to-board, board-to-cable and in-line cable-to-cable applications...


MKJ Clip Lock Miniature Circular Connector

Today’s commercial aerospace manufacturers & defense contractors are increasingly challenged to meet the ongoing demand for lighter...


MKJ4 Breakaway (Quick Disconnect) Coupling

Part of the MKJ family of miniature circular connectors, ITT Cannon’s MKJ4 Breakaway features a canted retention spring disconnect...


NDM Nano Microminiature Connectors

NDM Nano Microminiature Connectors are small form factor, high density interconnects designed for high performance and reliability in...


PL Series - Plastic Push Pull

The PL Series of plastic push pull interconnects is a high quality, versatile and cost effective solution for challenging medical and...