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ARC 38999-Style with ARINC 801-Compatible Inserts

ITT Cannon’s ARINC 801-Compatible Fiber Optic Series is an end-to-end solution featuring Connectors, Termini and Cable Harnesses that...


TDPX Filtered ARINC 404 Rack & Panel

Filtered Rack and Panel connectors for noise filtering, EMI, and EMP applications.


ARINC 600 Rack & Panel Filter Connector TBKAD

Today’s commercial aerospace avionics manufacturers are placing more and more emphasis on the need to protect critical electronic systems...


ARINC-Style Quadrax Termini for KJA Connectors

Cannon's KJAQ 38999-Style Circular with Quadrax Contacts is a high-reliability interconnect solution used to deliver data rates up to 2.5...


BKA C/D/E/F/X ARINC 600 Rack & Panel

Cannon's BKA ARINC 600 Rack & Panel Interconnect Solutions represent the standard for new Avionics  systems developed to support the...


Black Zinc Nickel Plating

Innovative Black Zinc Nickel Finish is a RoHS-compliant, cost-effective and sustainable plating alternative to Cadmium. It provides long...


Cabling Solutions

ITT Cannon provides robust, electrical wiring interconnect system (EWIS) for coaxial, fiber optic, ribbon, flex and power termini.From...


Chip-on-Flex Filter Connectors

Cannon has advanced the state-of-the-art in filter technology with its Chip-on-Flex (CoF) design. This connector technology provides a...


Combination D-Subminiature (Combo-D)

The Combo-D Connector is designed for applications that require optimization of space while improving overall shielding. It offers the...


Combo-D with HEP Contacts

The Combo-D with High Efficiency Power (HEP) Contacts features canted coil spring technology that increases electrical current carrying...


Connector Saver for Tight Tolerance 38999 Series III Fiber Optic Connectors - SVR

Extend the service life of connectors, contacts and cable harnesses that are subject to extreme use and repetitive mating and de-mating...


CV 5015 Series III

High power connector series providing environmental protection with rear sealing grommets and pin interfacial seal.  Fully intermateable...


D*/D*M PCB & Solder D-Subminiature

The D* / D*M PCB & Solder is a Standard Density D-Subminiature Connector used for a wide range of applications in Aerospace & Defense...


D*H/DITBH Hermetic D-Subminiature

The D*H/DITBH Hermetic is a sealed D-Subminiature Connector that is ideal for pressurized bulkhead applications, with glass sealing for...


D*MA D-Subminiature

The D*MA Hi-Rel D-Sub is engineered to perform in the harshest environments. Designed to transmit data, power & signal in a range of...