Our 100 years of experience allow us to deliver Military Connectors that are highly ruggedized to withstand the most extreme and harshest environments.

Military Aviation

Cannon connectors are designed to withstand the extreme shock, exposure and vibration environments that are commonplace in military aviation applications. Our 75+ year track record serving military aviation customers provides us with the experience to offer lightweight, space-saving solutions--coupled with high bandwidth and high power--for severe service applications.
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Missiles and Ordnance

We offer more than 50 years of experience designing missile and ordnance interconnect solutions for customers throughout the free world. Our highly engineered, small form factor connectors provide the highest level of reliability aboard missile and ordnance "no-failure” applications. 
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Soldier Systems

We design and manufacture ultra-small, lightweight interconnect solutions for soldier-worn communications, imaging, power, weapons control and navigation. These innovative connectors are engineered to help reduce weight burden, improve situational awareness and enhance the mobility of today's modern soldier. 
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Ground Vehicles

Military land vehicles require rigorous interconnects that withstand severe shock and vibration, as well as heat, moisture and dirt exposure. Our extensive line of circular and rectangular connectors have been designed to address the specific needs of  high performance armored vehicles and transports for the defense industry. 
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We have designed and manufactured SUBSAFE connectors for more than four decades, offering power, data and RF interconnect solutions for a wide range of shipboard systems. Our connectors for marine applications are highly engineered for performance and reliability, especially when exposed to high pressure and extreme environmental conditions. 
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