ITT Interconnect Solutions connect the world's most important information to the people who need it by designing and manufacturing a broad range of highly engineered ruggedized connectors for a diverse range of end markets. To learn more about our connector solutions visit our market areas: 


With over 45 years of global service to the medical sector we provide high-density, high-speed data delivery with ergonomic, miniaturized form factor. Our experienced engineers specialize in standard and customized interconnect solutions, engaging and collaborating at the earliest design phase to ensure optimum perfomance.

Commercial Aviation

Our connectors have served the aerospace markets for nearly a century. We are experts in standard and customized design and manufacture of  high bandwidth, small, lightweight, ultra-reliable connectors. Our solutions range from business jets to double-decker passenger airliners.


Durable and highly ruggedized our connectors provide safety, control and performance and  in the harshest environments and in the most extreme weather conditions.


Our ruggedized connectors have been taking on extreme conditions in the harshest environments for over 75 years. Small, light-weight and highly reliable we offer consistently high performance in the most critical situations.


Designed and built to withstand salt, liquid, heat, cold, pressure, vibration and other challenges our wide range of industrial connectors provide precision and reliability, ideally suited to perform day in and day out in the most challenging circumstances.

Handheld Devices

Our broad range of macro and micro interconnect solutions ensure superior perfomance and enhanced usability for electronic handheld applications ranging from mobile phones to medical equipment. 

Oil and Gas

In the most challenging locations across the plant you will find our high perfomance, highly ruggedized elastrometric and thermoplastic technology solutions perfoming reliably and consistently.


We support global space initiatives with one of the industry's broadest portfolios of high reliability, space grade products with interconnect solutions for both mission critical commercial and defense space applications.

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CA Bayonet for the Ultimate in Shock & Vibration Resistance

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CA Bayonet is a fully proven, versatile and high performance interconnect solution for all critical harsh environment applications.
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